takayuki-akahoshiDr Akahoshi is the inventor of Phaco Prechop technique and initiator of Micro Coaxial Phaco surgery which has realized the implantation of 6.0mm acrylic IOL through a 1.8mm incision. He has developed series of cataract instruments including, blades, prechoppers, unique off-centered square wobble phaco tips and electronic toric markers etc. He is the largest volume surgeon in Japan operating more than 7,000 cataract cases a year by micro coaxial method, while traveling so far up to 66 countries for the lectures and live surgeries to educate young ophthalmologists abroad.

Summary of Presentations

Thursday, 19 July 2018
13:30 – 15:00hrs
MasterClass (MC7): Phaco Chop – Means and Methods
Introduction to Pre-Chopping
• Pre-Chopping Soft Cataracts
• Pre-Chopping Dense Cataracts
• Pre-Chopping Complex Cataracts